Who or what is CURO?

CURO is a group of philosophers who think philosophical thinking should be for everybody. But, it’s also Latin for curiosity- which is what we’re all about!

We want to foster the special curiosity that makes us wonder about and imagine a better world. We believe that philosophical thinking can help us make a link between the questions we ask, our answers to them and our actions in the world. So, we work with communities that want to think effectively together. We help the groups we work with to find, ask, and answer the big questions that matter to them, together.

Through after-school clubs, festival workshops and summer camps, CURO works to empower the thinkers we work with to see the connections between the ways we think and live together. We think that diverse communities think better together because of the wealth of different experiences diverse participants bring to thinking together. So, we’re committed to providing scholarship places at our camps and afterschool programmes.

We use the P4C (Philosophy for Children) pedagogy to create programmes for the partners and communities that we work with that foster philosophical questioning and critical dialogue. By combining structured philosophical dialogue with creative activities we help communities and their members think carefully, creatively and critically together.

CURO was founded by Dr Orla Richardson, Annie McKeown-O’Donovan and Lucy Elvis after they began working in the P4C (Philosophy for Children) pedagogy saw the potential for meaningful philosophical inquiry in different contexts. We’re philosophers who see the value in posing and exploring philosophical questions together (and understand how much fun this can be!)

If you’re interested in working with us, please drop us a line: curothinks@gmail.com